The Valkyries goddesses of life and death and battle and magic take warrior souls to Valhalla they also show in the film Hercules  and  the twilight of the Gods  


According to legend the Valkyries are also said to be the Northern Lights or the aurora borealis that dance across the sky in the north they can only be seen at night that was believed to be the spirits of the Valkyries carrying the Warriors carry them up Valhalla or was said to be believed to be the rainbow bridge leading to Valhalla and Daugters of odin and frigg

According to legend

In Norse mythology it was said to believe  that the aurora borealis in displayed in the night sky to believe to be the Valkyries 's refreshes from the shield the Valkyries were said to the the a servant to God Odin in Valhalla and the serve the Warriors food and some to drink 

name of The Valkyries

Brunhilde ( The Leader of the Valkyries )

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