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The Muses are the secondary narrators of the film and act as the chorus. They often interrupt Bob, saying that he is making the story boring. Thalia sometimes calls Bob 'Bobby'.

They claim to be Hercules' biggest fans, and then singing "Zero to Hero", they describe his victories over many monsters and his rise to fame.

For the animated series, they sing the theme song.

Cast Edit

  • Lillias White as Calliope, the Muse of epic tales, who wears a headband over her big, curly hair
  • Vanéese Y. Thomas as Clio, the Muse of history, with the ponytail
  • Cheryl Freeman as Melpomene, the long-haired Muse of drama
  • LaChanze as Terpsichore, the dance Muse with the short, kinky hair
  • Roz Ryan as Thalia, the short and plump Muse of comedy

Mythology Edit

The Five Muses are the daughters of Zeus and memory - the Titaness of Memory under the Alias name Mnemosyne which will make the muses half-sisters of Hercules and Calliope is the mother of Orpheus with Apollo and Terpsichore or Melpomene is The Mother of The Sirens with the river god and There are in fact the nine major Greek Muses . The ones who were used are :

    • Erato - The Muse of love poetry.
    • Polyhymnia - The Muse of scared poetry.
    • Euterpe - the Muse of Music and Sound
    • Urania - The Muse of astronomy.


The Muses

The Muses got to sing the song "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)".

As goddesses of sing and poetry and history and dancing and Zeus their father and he wife Hera were the judge of the Music Contest he invited the Olympian Gods and The Sirens their were  jealous at the muses song good and beautiful and The sirens song their siren song Hera judge the Muses were their song and music declare them the winners and the sirens lost the contest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - they can live forever and cannot be killed.
  • Object Manifestation - They can inhabit statues and images that depict them (bring said statues and/or image to life). The five often do this to begin or join in a song.


In the movie, they are prestented as the five lovely dark skin Goddesses whose domain lies in the arts, and they sing the tales of ancient Greece in a "gospel choir" style.