The Little Mermaid (character)

The Little Mermaid is the titular character and main protagonist of the 1989 animated Disney film of the same name, and its 1992-94 television series, 2000 sequel and 2008 prequel. The character is based on the protagonist of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of the same name, but was developed into a different personality for the 1989 animated Disney film adaptation. Her distinct appearance consists of long, flowing red hair, a green tail and a lavender seashell bandeau bikini top. The Little Mermaid is voiced by Jodi Benson in most of her appearances and is the 4th official Disney Princess, she is the daughter of King Triton. A stage musical version of the film debuted in 2007, in which the "live" role of The Little Mermaid was originated by Sierra Boggess and finalized by Chelsea Morgan Stock, who previously played her sister Andrina. She is portrayed live again in the ABC series Once Upon a Time by Joanna García. She does not appeared in the 1997 animated Disney feature Hercules.

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