God of the Sea
God of the horses
God of the rivers
Background Info
Feature Films Hercules
Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice Jason Alexander
Inspiration Sea God of Greek Mythology
Character Information
Personality Adventurous, determined, harsh, greedy, gullible
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Affiliation The Olympian Gods
Goal To oversee the Seas (succeeded)
Home Under the sea
Relatives Amphitrite (wife), Triton (son), Otus (son), Theseus (son)

Orion (Son)

Pets Squiggles (giant guard squid), Elmer (small dolphin)
Allies Olympian Gods
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Likes Fish, the sea
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Powers and Abilities Control over the seas
weapons Trident
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Quote "You'll have to do better to lock fins with Poseidon!"

Poseidon is the god of seas also he's the brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia and son of Rhea and Cronus



TV SeriesEdit

In the episode "The River Styx", Poseidon is visited by his brother Hades who wants to trick him into using his powers to move the River Styx (which is part of Hades' domain) into Greece (which is part of Zeus' domain), this will instead turn Greece into part of Hades domain and therefore make him ruler of Olympus. He then tricks Poseidon by telling him that when he becomes ruler he will give Poseidon the city of Athens. He has a rivalry with Athena because they both wanted to be the Patron God of Athens. He is the father of Triton, husband of Amphitrite and uncle to Hercules. He has a big appearance in "The Poseidon's Cup Adventure" and "The Son of Poseidon". His weapon is a trident. Being the Sea God, he can control water. He is also the Earthshaker so he can cause earthquakes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Control of the seas
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Cause earthquakes
  • Control sea creatures
  • Aqua Blue Aura