Norse Gods  were family of gods they live in Asgard in the nine realms separated by world tree here are the listings of all the Norse gods in the world

Norse gods 

Odin god of war and death and wisdom and  king of Norse gods 

Loki god of fire and tricksters

Thor god of the sky and lightning and thunder 

Balder  god of the light  and justice and peace and joy

Forseti god of truth and peace 

Bragi god of poetry 


God of single and combat and heroic glory.

HERMOD message of the horse gods son of odin and Frigg .

Norse goddesses 

Frigg  goddess of wives and mothers and  love and marriage wife of odin 

Sif goddess of harvest and wife of Thor

HeL goddess of Norse underworld

Freyja Goddess of love and fertility and war and death

Other gods 

Idunna goddess of youth and spring

Freyr god of rain and sunshine


The Valkyries the goddesses of life and death and Battle and magic

The Fates or norns the Goddess of destiny  

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