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God of Sleep and night
God of Dream
Background Info
Feature Films Hercules
Television Hercules
Voice Jonathan Katz
Inspiration The Greek god
Character Information
Personality Calm, patient, easy-going
Appearance Light blue cape
Affiliation Olympian Gods
Goal To give people sleep.
Home Mount Olympus
Relatives Phantasos ( brother ).


chaos ( Great Great Grand - Mother )

nyx . ( great Grand Mother )

Phobetor ( Brother )

Hypnos ( Father)

Pasithea ( Mother )

Thanatos ( uncle )

Pets {{{Pets}}}
Allies Hercules
Minions {{{minions}}}
Enemies Hades, titans, Phantasos (formerly)
Likes Working for Zeus.
DisLikes Being sent to the Underworld.
Powers and Abilities Ability to control sleep
weapons Sleep ability
Fates Staying on Mount Olympus
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Morpheus is the god of sleep. He has a little brother called Phantasos who wanted to become god of sleep but Zeus said that he couldn't because of "seniority". Every night he wth his indigo blanket give the sleep in the people. Along with Phantasos he has an other older brother named Phobetor, god of the dreamdeath. (voiced by Jonathan Katz)

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