Mnemosyne moneta by 666 lucemon 666-d58lmgo


zeus ( husband)="hiddenStructure"
OlympusStoneReverse Mnemosyne OlympusStone
Race Goddess
Gender Famele
Relatives Gaia (mother) Titans ( siblings) Rhea (sister) Cronus (brother) The Muses ( daughters) The Sirens (granddaughters)

zeus ( husband)

Home Mount Olympus
Affiliations Hades and Cronus And Titans ( enemies) Olympian Gods friends)
Profession goddess and personification of memory
Powers memory
Weapons unknown
First Appearance {{{fa}}}
Voice Actor {{{va}}}
Mnemosyne goddess of memory a Titan sister of Titans and Cronus and Rhea and daughter of Gaia and Uranus and  Zeus immortal girlfriend and mother of The Muses she didn't show up in the episode Hercules but Hermes said her name 

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