1. Daughter of Thaumas the god of sea and Electra a cloud nymph
Zephyrus (husband) Thaumas and Electra (parents)="hiddenStructure"
OlympusStoneReverse Iris OlympusStone
Race Goddess
Gender Famele
Relatives Zeus

Zephyrus (husband) Thaumas and Electra (parents)

Home Mount Olympus
Affiliations goddess of the rainbow and the sea
Profession {{{profession}}}
Powers she bring the rainbow and deliberate messages
Weapons Her rainbow
First Appearance Hercules and the kids and Fantasia
Voice Actor {{{va}}}
Goddess of  the rainbow she showed up in Dinesy  Hercules the film  in the Hercules and the kids and she also showed up in Fantasia as a beautiful rainbow she is also a messenger of the goddesses she sent messages back and forth to earth and the heavens on rainbow Zeus cause the storm it started raining and a rainbow appears that was iris

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