Hercules and the Apollo Mission
Season 2
Episode 14
Previous Episode Hercules and the Green eyed monster
Next Episode Hercules and the ugly boy

Hercules and the visit with Kaia and Jolie and friendsa is the 14th Episode of the 2nd Season

Hercules and the visit with Kaia and Jolie and friends

When Hercules and Liam went to A Underworld. Liam met Hades. Liam saw Madison holded Pain and Panic. Icarus, Amber, Hermes, and Kaia went to Mount Olympus. Kaia's sister Jolie ride on Zeus shoulders. Aphrodite kissed Amber and Alysia. Kaia jumped and hug Zeus. Hercules and Liam ride on horse to Mount Olympus with Gracie. She hugged Amber and Zeus and Kaia. Kaia and Hermes collected clouds for Madison. Madison made a cat from a clouds. Hercules hugged Zeus and Kaia and Jolie. Gracie rode on Zeus shoulder. Kaia, Jolie, Alysia, Madison, Gracie, Hercules, Liam, icarus, Amber, Hermes, and Zeus walked from Mount Olympus to Athens Greece.



Madison Amber Alysia Zeus Kaia Jolie Icarus Hermes Gracie Zeus Hades




Powers UsedEdit

  • Flight (Hercules) -using Apollo Sun Chariot
  • Flight (Hermes)
  • Metamorphosis (Zeus)
  • Teleportation (Hades)-Flaming
  • cakes throwers ( Kaia, Jolie, and Amber)
  • a painting throwing ( Liam, Frank, Conrad, and Luis)
  • Metamorphosis ( for Kaia and Jolie)

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