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Hercules is a animated feature produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Plot Edit

Once upon a Time, Hercules was a fine son of his foster parents. Until one day, his strength seen as a nuisance to all the locals. After being rejected by the townsfolk when he accidentally destroys the marketplace, Hercules questions where he truly belongs. His foster parents reveal how they found him with a medallion bearing the symbol of the gods, so Hercules travels to the Temple of Zeus, where the almighty god's statue comes to life and reveals his past and true lineage. Zeus explains that Hercules can become a god again and return to Olympus if he can become a true hero. When Zeus calls for Hercules' childhood friend, Pegasus, he swoops down to meet Hercules. Hercules didn't like him very much. So he uses a weapon to smash Pegasus many times until he's dead. Zeus was really scared about his actions and turns back into statue.


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