Hercules ( husband ) Alexiares and Anicetus ( sons )="hiddenStructure"
OlympusStoneReverse Hebe OlympusStone
Goddess of youth and cupbearer to the gods
Race Human and goddess.
Gender Female
Relatives Zeus (father)
Hera (mother)

Hercules ( husband ) Alexiares and Anicetus ( sons )

Home Thebes
Affiliations Good
Profession Sowrdswoman/Archer
Powers Strength
Weapons Sword
Bow and arrow the cup of youth
First Appearance Hercules (cameo)
Hercules II
Voice Actor Hilary Swank

Hebe (known in Roman as Juventas) is the godess of youth and the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She is voiced by Hilary Swank.

Hercules IIEdit

Hebe is a trained archer who has many arrows and a sword to fight Paris of Troy's guards at Troy.

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