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Eos The Goddess the Dawn in (known in Roman mythology she was Aurora )and sister of Helios and Selene she was Mentioned Hercules Animated Series in Hercules and the Jilt Trip monster Geryon said her name during the sunset


She is the Daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia and The Immortal Wife to the god Astraeus and The Mother of Anemoi The Four Winds Gods Boreas The North Wind and Zephyrus The West Wind and Eurus the Southeastern Wind and Nutos the South Wind Rose every morning from her home at the Edge of the Oceanus

Powersand AbilitiesEdit

  • Photokinesis

As the Titaness of Dawn she can control the light

  • Daw Manipulation

As her tears were considered the cause of dew it can be assumed that she has domain over Dew

  • Cryokinesis

She is of ten said to be the goddess of Frist giving to she some power over Frost/Cold

  • Flight

As she has wings it is likely she can fly