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son of Odin and Frigg and brother of Thor and Loki and brother in law of Idunna


Balder is the god of light and peace and Purity and Summer Sun and love beauty and forgiveness and spring in on story Balder he married the Nanna goddess of joy and peace and moon had son name Frositi the god of truth and peace

Balder DeathEdit

Balder mother Frigg told everybody and the living animals to promise do not kill her son so she made her son invisible meaning he won't be harm my anything or any weapon and when the gods were throwing weapons at him it didn't hurt him until Loki the Mischief god tricked his oldest brother Hodr who was blind god of winter who use a arrow make of mistlote can place it on the arrow and shot it on his brother and he died and they had a funeral for Balder soul went to the underworld to wait for the end of the world unless the gods and Mortals weave for him they did except for Loki who transform himself into a woman and didn't cry for he so he was stuck in the Underworld forever until his brother went down there and he got Trap two with he In the underworld