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God of Parties
Background Info
Feature Films Hercules
Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice Dom DeLuise
Inspiration Dionysus
Character Information
Personality Wild, fun-loving, gluttonous, friendly
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Affiliation Olympian Gods
Goal {{{Goal}}}
Home Mount Olympus
Relatives Zeus ( father ). Semele ( Mother )
Pets {{{Pets}}}
Allies Hercules, Hermes
Minions {{{minions}}}
Enemies Hades, Titans
Likes Partying, wine, food, The Muses
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weapons {{{Weapons}}}
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Quote "Hey! I'm just a God that can't say no!"

Bacchus is the god of wine and madness. However, he is known to throw extreme parties called Bacchanals. Adonis once claimed to be having a Bacchanal, but Hermes disclaimed this. Later in the episode, Hercules has one, which sinks the island. In the series they used the wine god's roman name. His real name is Dionysus and Son of Zeus and Semele goddess of Bacchic frenzy and marriage


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