Antaeus is the Half-Giant, Half-Titan son of Gaia and Poseidon who disguised himself as a human in order to create the People's Organization of Titanic Liberators so he could free the Titans and return the world to the Age of Darkness.

In the Hercules SeriesEdit

Antaeus first appears in a Hercules episode, Hercules and the Hostage Crisis. He plans to force Zeus to free the titans, by taking Hercules hostage. He manages to capture the other students and Herc's friends, but Hercules isn't among them.

Once Hercules and his teacher, Mr. Parenthesis arrive, the two battle and Antaeus releases the students, but keeps Hercules. Mr. Parenthesis saves Hercules but Antaeus traps them in a circle of giant rocks. Zeus arrives and sadly goes off to free the titans, stating it's not worth losing Hercules. Hercules and Mr. Parenthesis escape and head towards the library where they learn that Antaeus is the son of Gaia and also learn his secret; when he touches the ground he gets his strength and powers from his mother.

So to defeat Antaeus, Hercules grabs him by his feet and spins him all around and sends him flying all the way into Zeus' hand. Zeus then locks Antaeus away with the titans, and the POOTLS are arrested.

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